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Full Spectrum CBD versus CBD Isolate

By Ryan Goo | Nov 21, 2018 in CBD Blog | 3 min read

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Interested in using CBD for medical purposes? Amongst the different varieties of CBD, the most popular forms of supplements are CBD Isolate and full spectrum CBD oils.

Understand the differences between these two alternative so you can make the right choice that best suits to your needs.

What is CBD?

CBD, is one type of cannabinoid called Cannabidiol, comes from cannabis plants such as Hemp and Marijuana. These naturally occurring chemicals are used for different purposes depending on how they are cultivated and extracted.

One thing to consider is another cannabinoid called THC. The popular cannabis plant Marijuana is rated at approximately 20% THC and is most commonly used for recreational purpose due to it's effect of producing a psycho active high.

In Hemp plants, THC potency is significantly lower which will not get you high. CBD products may contain traces of THC, but is classified within the legal limit of 0.3% by volume. With such a low amount of THC, the cultivation of hemp is desirable for it's potential medical benefits.

CBD isolate VS full spectrum CBD

The extraction process is what differentiates cbd isolate and full spectrum cbd. Hemp contains over 100 active cannabinoids with CBD being just one of them.

Full spectrum CBD often refers to a formulation consisting of CBD + other active ingredients. CBD isolate, as the name implies, is just CBD itself.

CBD isolate, is essentially separated from all other cannabinoid compounds. The lone active ingredient is typically produced in a form of powder that can be safety added in exact proportions.

That being said, using this cannabinoid alone means the user will misses out on a cannabis plant’s full potential.

"Full-spectrum" contains other active plant compounds, additional cannabinoids, terpenes, and other flavonoids. These cannabinoids, when taken together, are known to have synergistic benefits known as the Entourage Effect.

Entourage Effect

Through studies and experiments, full spectrum CBD is test at greater levels of anti-inflammatory relief. This is called the Entourage effect, CBD when in the presence of other cannabinoids, constituents more effectiveness.

Which type of CBD is best for me?

Both types of CBD are very popular and widely available in multiple types of products such as creams, lotions, oil, food, etc. Each type has their benefits and we suggest choosing the one that fits your lifestyle better.

CBD isolate users

Some prefer CBD isolate so they know exactly what they are consuming. Full spectrum CBD has tons of other cannabinoids, terpenses, etc. Some users prefer to ingest purely CBD which is easier to track.

Full spectrum users

Some prefer full spectrum because of the multiple benefits that come with the other ingredients. Also, full spectrum CBD takes advantage of the entourage effect.

CBD Product Selection

Both CBD isolate and Full Spectrum CBD come with many benefits. Make an informative decision depending on which product better fits your needs and lifestyle. It is highly recommended you consult a doctor especially if you are new to using CBD.

Full spectrum is normally produced as CBD oil. Consider taking full spectrum oil for a more holistic approach as it is far more effective collectively.

While full spectrum may contain a small amount of THC, (Legal Limit 0.3%), for people who may be subject to drug testing may want to consider avoiding it.

CBD isolate is typically produced in a form of powder, great for weighed dosages. Isolate is a better choice when a person knows exactly how much CBD they need.

CBD Conclusion

The potential benefit and usage of CBD is starting to become a topic of interest on an international scale. As the trend continues and CBD grows in social acceptance, it's likely we will see a healthy growing community and company expectations held to the highest degree.

Again, CBD supplements are mainly derived from hemp and is commercially available everywhere. CBD is legal in all 50 states. Hemp plants are patented by the U.S. government as a neuroprotective and antioxidant.

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