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Steak grillers

CBD infused dog treats. 100% natural ingredients, THC free, made in the USA!

 Start taking care of your pets overall health with our Urbul CBD Steak Grillers. These delicious CBD Steak Grillers are safe for all dog sizes and can be used to manage arthritis, anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

Just like with all of our Urbul products, we guarantee the highest quality hemp for your pets. They are grain-free, THC free, and made with 100% natural ingredients. 

Each package contains 100mg of CBD. Dosage varies by dog size/weight. 

We'll include a physical copy of the 3rd party batch lab report with every single product you purchase. We are all about transparency and we want you to know what you're ingesting.

Pharmaceutical grade cannabidiol (cbd), ground wheat, corn starch, water, wheat flour, ground yellow corn, corn syrup, glycerin, beef, animal fat (preserved with bha), geiatin, rice flour, soy flour, salt, natural flavor, red 40, titanium dioxide (artificial color), phosphoric acid, dried whey, potassium sorbate (to preserve freshness).

Small Dogs (0-25lbs): 1 Serving per day (5.5mg total CBD)

Medium Dogs (25-50lbs): 2 Servings per day (11mg total CBD)

Large Dogs (50-75lbs): 3 Serving per day (16.5mg total CBD)

Start with a small serving, 1/2 of a Steak Griller, monitor pet and slowly increase dosage if needed.

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