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CBD Pods

Urbul pods contain 250mg pure CBD. Choose from our six handcrafted flavors. Urbul pods are compatible with the Urbul device.

What are CBD vape pods?

CBD vape pods are convenient tiny little pods that contain CBD vape juice in a closed pod system. These little pods are inserted into a device or battery that is made specifically to heat up the pods so that it emits vapor. The vapor, that is also carrying CBD, is then inhaled through the user's mouth. CBD vape pods is extremely convenient because it's mess-free and all you have to do is to replace the pods once you're out; pluck it and toss it away.

Composition of our CBD vape pods

Urbul CBD vape pods contains propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), natural flavoring extracts, and CBD isolate. These are the same ingredients used in traditional e-liquid and it's generally regarded as safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We do not use any other vape additives so, there is no nicotine in our CBD e-liquid pods. We use CBD isolate instead of full spectrum CBD extract because we wanted to create our pods with higher dosage of CBD per pod so that the customer can get more bang their buck. We chose to use PG and VG in our formulation instead of MCT because PG and VG is proven to be the better ingredients for vaping CBD. The CBD isolate that we use are extracted from natural hemp grown in Colorado farms that are part of the pilot program. We only use high quality ingredients in our CBD vape pod formulation. Because we use CBD isolate, our CBD pods actually contains pure CBD, that means no THC or other cannabinoids at all. We include physical and online lab reports for the customer. We strongly believe in transparency, in fact, that's a big part of our mission.

Introducing Urbul CBD vape pods

Urbul CBD vape pods are 1.4ml with 250mg of CBD. Each puff contains approximately 0.83mg of CBD and our pods contains a max of ~300 puffs. Urbul pods are the first of its kind. You can expect a clean, tasteful, and precise dose of CBD and tasty vapor every time.

CBD oil vape pen

The CBD pods are to be used in a CBD oil vape pen. Because our CBD pods are a closed system, our pods will only work with an Urbul CBD vape device. Here are the difference between a closed system and an open system:

  • Closed system - You cannot refill the pod with CBD vape oil after you're done with the pod. This is usually a one-and-done situation. It's the most convenient and mess-free solution. You don't have to buy additional hardware or bottles of CBD vape oil to fill the pod. A closed system is similiar to a disposable vape pen. But the only part that is disposable is the pod or cartridges.
  • Open system - You can refill the pod with CBD vape oil once you're done. It's a little messier than a closed system pod. You have to figure out which type of CBD vape oil to buy and then which is compatible to the specific pod or the specific CBD cartridge that you have. It's just a lot more work, but one important factor is that you can control what goes into your pod or cartridge.

Urbul CBD vape starter kit contains a CBD vape pod, CBD vape pen device, and a USB charger. You can purchase replacement CBD pods above. Our CBD vape pods come in different flavors: menthol, mango, blackcurrant, strawberry, unflavored, and melonberry. We are constantly doing R&D on new flavors. If you have a flavor suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact Urbul.

CBD pods for JUUL

Unfortunately our CBD pods are not compatible with the JUUL by JUUL Labs. Our CBD pods are specifically designed for the Urbul CBD device. The reason why is because vape oil is different than CBD hemp oil. The viscosity of the hemp oil is thicker than vape oil. JUUL Labs formulated their pods specifically for nic (nicotine) delivery, our Urbul device and pods are specifically made for CBD delivery.

CBD delivery via inhalation

Vaping CBD is one of the faster ways to get CBD into your body. This is what makes CBD vape pods so attractive. Vaping CBD is inhaled directly into your lungs and then into your bloodstream. You can and will start feeling the effects after vaping CBD oil approximately 10 to 20 minutes after inhalation and for this reason, vaping CBD is becoming increasingly popular. Unlike other methods of consumption, CBD when inhaled does not need to pass through the liver to be broken down. The only other faster method of getting CBD into your system is injection.

Benefits of vaping CBD

As mentioned early, vaping CBD is the fastest way to get a CBD dose in the bloodstream. CBD is being widely researched for the potential health benefits it has. It is already being used as a treatment for symptoms of: anxiety-related disorders, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, and more. CBD vape products provide the same benefits as CBD oil, CBD edibles, and lotions. Vaping CBD is best for people who need a dose of CBD instantly. Those with anxiety-related disorders can benefit from this or someone who just needs to re-up their dose throughout the day.

How much CBD should I vape?

There are a lot of factors that go into determining how much CBD you should vape and what the correct or optimal dosage is for you to vape. Factors can include severity of your condition, body weight and composition, strength of the vape device, and quality of the CBD vape juice. Because of these factors there isn't a catch-all answer and why we created a CBD vape dosage calculator to aid in figuring out your vape dosage.

The legality of CBD vape pods

Our CBD vape pods contain CBD isolate derived from industrial hemp from farms in Colorado that is part of the pilot program. This makes our CBD vape pods federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill that was passed by President Donald Trump. If you're interested in learning more about the legality, you can read more on the 2018 Farm Bill, or see if CBD is legal in your state. Please keep in mind that these state, county, and municipal laws are constantly changing, so please stay up to date.

Who is Urbul?

Urbul is a CBD company that sells CBD products like CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, CBD vape starter kits, and more. Urbul offers free shipping on all USA orders and has 30-day money back guarantee policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions we receive in regards to CBD vape products. We hope this information can help you decide which CBD product is best for your needs!

What are CBD pods?

CBD pods are similar to the infamous Juul pods, except they are pods pre-filled with CBD e-liquid and contain no nicotine. They are typically paired with compatible vape pens or pod devices to deliver a dose of CBD to the body.

What do CBD pods do?

CBD pods may look like Juul pods, but the benefits are far different. Our pods are filled with 250mg of the best CBD isolate, contain no nicotine, and can offer an array of benefits. CBD is being widely used to treat symptoms of insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety-related disorders, and so much more. Inhaling CBD is the fastest way to get CBD into your body. It's fast acting, opposed to CBD oil or CBD edibles which can take 1-2 hours to enter the blood stream.

If you are considering adding CBD to your daily regimen and have a serious medical condition then get a doctor's advice if CBD is right for you.

Where to buy CBD pods?

They may be available in some vape stores or legal dispensaries, but the best option is to search an online retailer. Do diligent research on different CBD brands that offer CBD pods before purchasing. Make sure they offer a 3rd party lab report so you know exactly what you're inhaling and ensure you get the best CBD for your money!

We came out with one of the first CBD pod devices, the Urbul Device and pods. The starter kit comes with a flavored CBD pod of your choice, Urbul pod device, a usb charger, and a 3rd party lab report. Our pod flavors include: unflavored, menthol, blackcurrant, strawberry, melon berry and mango.

CBD juul pods where to buy?

Unfortunately our Urbul pods are not Juul compatible. If you have a Juul device and can't find Juul compatible CBD oil pods, try our Urbul Pod Device. Each of our pods are packed with 250mg of the highest quality CBD, our device is also compact and powerful. It's a great product for someone who wants to vape CBD for the fast acting benefits it can provide. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee policy, so you can try our Urbul Pod Device to see if it's the right fit for you.


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