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CBD Vape Starter Kits

Our pod + device combo are perfect for those who are always on the go. Convenient way to re-up anytime, anywhere. Like our hemp cbd oil, the taste + quality of our pods are spectacular.

What are CBD vape starter kits?

Vaping CBD is becoming very popular since CBD enters your bloodstream directly when vaped. Alternatively, consumable products like gummies and oil tinctures must pass through your digestive system first. Ingesting CBD orally is still effective but it does take longer to feel CBD's therapeutic effects. Urbul carries vapor products that will get you started on vaping CBD with ease.

People often ask us "how to vape CBD oil"? Well, CBD vape starter kits are the perfect solution to that question. These kits make it very easy to take CBD and fits perfectly in your pocket which is perfect when you're on the go. In addition, they will be the ONLY thing you need to purchase before you can start vaping CBD. No need to worry about purchasing all the correct or compatible pieces.

How does vaping CBD work?

Vaping is one of the many ways to take CBD. A vaporizer is a device that heats up vape juice to create vapor. All vapes send heat to a metal coil. The coil wraps around a cotton or silicon wick that stores vape juice. When the coil is heated, the surrounding vape juice turns into vapor and is inhaled by the user. All current day vapes share these mechanics. People who opt for vaping CBD often prefer it for its convenience and ease of use. There is a lot of flexibility with vaping because you get to cycle between multiple flavors when vaping.

The Urbul vape starter kits are composed of two pieces: the battery and the CBD cartridge in the form of a pod. Each flavor pod has 1ml of CBD vape juice and a coil inside. When paired with the battery, the coil heats the liquid inside which converts the CBD into vapor. This CBD is inhaled and goes directly to your bloodstream. This is optimal because the vapor does not need to go through your digestive system.

What is in CBD vape juice?

A vape juice is a special formulation consisting of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), Natural flavoring, and CBD isolate derived from hemp. PG and VG are both accepted by the FDA as an acceptable substance to be ingested. They are used as a base for all vape juices because they allow vape juice to be properly vaporized.

Urbul's vape pods contain 1ml of flavored CBD e-liquid. Each pod contains natural flavoring and 250mg of winterized CBD isolate. We use VG/PG as our base which is more efficient than the MCT (medium chain triglyceride) base that some companies use.

What do starter kits include?

Kits usually consist of an atomizer or cartridge (filled with CBD vape juice), a vape battery, and a vape battery charger.

  • Atomizer or cartridge - A sealed tank that stores cbd vape juice.
  • Vape battery - Rechargeable battery that is used to generate heat.
  • Vape battery charger - A USB charger that charges the vape battery.

They are called starter kits because it is the only thing you need to buy to vape CBD as opposed to buying multiple pieces individually. Otherwise to start vaping CBD, you'll be required to buy vape batteries, battery chargers, and the atomizer or cartridge separately.

Different types of starter kits

It's important to explain the difference between the different types of vape starter kits. Similar to vapor products, each CBD vape pen starter kit can be broken down into two categories: open systems and closed systems.

Open system CBD pod device

Open systems require you to fill your own vape formulations into a vape atomizer or cartridge. You would have to buy a vape battery separately to heat the CBD vape oil for it to be vape-able. To fill your open system, find a compatible CBD vape juice and load it into your open system CBD pod device.

To summarize, open system vaporizers allow you to refill your vape with stand alone CBD vape juices. Because you are able to change out the coil / wick, we refer to this as an open system. The benefits of using an open system is the flexibility to customize the strength of the coil as well as the freedom of using virtually any compatible vape juice.

The drawback of open system vapes is the higher learning curve. Because you are able to customize, you often need to build out your own coils. You also need to make sure all your pieces are compatible with each other. This means finding an atomizer that works with your battery. You then need to assemble your atomizer and create a cotton wick which feeds into the coil. Finally, you will need to refill vape juice manually which is done by directly applying CBD vape juice to the cotton.

Closed system CBD pod device

Closed systems use disposable flavor pods that you replace when finished. Closed systems are very convenient and you do not need to worry about refilling your device. For closed systems, you only need to buy the single kit and you are good to go. CBD e-liquid is included in each closed system starter kit.

To summarize, closed system vaporizers come with pre-built coils and vape juice all in one rectangular shaped pod. You are unable to open up the pod as there is no reason to make modifications. The coil and wick lives at the bottom of the pod, and gravity pulls vape juice into the wick as it is vaped. Pods were designed with simplicity in mind and there is no manual setup required.

Because everything is pre-made for you, the drawbacks are the lack of customizability. You do not have the power to build and insert your own coils and cotton. For flavors, you are limited to the pre-made flavors of the vape pods that you are using. Closed systems are often more discreet because they are constructed with mobility in mind.

Open system vs closed system vapes

Both types of vapes are good options. When choosing which one is best for you, it's important to ask yourself what you want out of your vape. Things to take into consideration are maintenance, flexibility, and convenience. There is no better option and we suggest picking the option that suits your needs.

If you are just starting out or do not care for the complexities of customizing your coils to specific power outputs, we strongly recommend a closed system starter kit. You do not need to worry about any compatibilities with all of the vaping hardware out on the market. Right out of the box, you will have everything you need to begin vaping CBD.

If you are an experienced vaper and are looking for a customizable vape kit, we recommend opting for an open system vape battery and atomizer. This does require setup but you will have full control over the type of vaping experience you want.

Why you should consider a CBD vape pen starter kit

A CBD starter kit is a great way to quickly incorporate CBD into your daily routine. This is especially a good option if you do not own any vape hardware and want to make an all-in-one purchase to get started. This avoids the hassle of having to buy multiple parts that are all compatible with each other.

For those who are always on the go, we recommend a CBD vape kit because it offers fast-acting relief. When CBD is inhaled as a vapor, it bypasses the digestive system and goes straight to your bloodstream. This is a key advantage over other digestion methods because other popular methods (edible products, sublingual hemp oil) must pass through your digestive system. This can take an additional 1-2 hours for the CBD to take effect.

Another advantage of vaping CBD is the ability to gradually increase dosage as needed. This allows you to keep a steady flow of CBD entering your system throughout the day. Our flavored pods hide the taste of hemp well so every vape hit will be enjoyable and will not leave earthy flavors in your mouth.

Why choose Urbul

Our CBD is derived from 100% organically grown industrial hemp. We work with local farmers in Colorado to ensure all hemp is co2 extracted and thoroughly tested for purity. We will never compromise quality and you shouldn't settle for anything less than the best. Urbul carries a wide array of CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD products.

We proudly carry the best CBD oil vape pen starter kit on the market as shown by the star rating in our product reviews. If you use prescription medications or have a serious medical condition, we encourage you to seek a doctor's advice before getting started. If it is your first time vaping or trying CBD, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

3rd party testing on all of our products

All of our formulations are sent to third party ISO/IEC accredited 17025 labs for additional unbiased testing. By establishing a higher level of transparency, we feel that the rest of the industry will follow. We provide a copy of the individual lab results for every product we ship. Additionally, all of our products include a QR code that links straight to the batch lab report of that product.

Ultimately, we strive to bring a new approach to high quality hemp CBD products. Our CBD is ethically made with top-quality ingredients. We also carry pure CBD tinctures, hemp infused CBD gummies, CBD vape pens, and CBD vape pods. We ship to all 50 states, no prescription required.


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